Studio FAQ's

Studio FAQ's

Picnic have run well over 100M impressions to date on AMP, across our full suite of products. We have extensive experience in DV360, Xandr & TTD.
Q: How do we add 3rd Party Tracking or Event/Engagement Tracking?

A: 3rd Party Tracking for impressions and clicks is either added in your GAM seat as appended HTML or can be sent over and Picnic will implement in Picnic's 3rd party ad server.

A: Event tracking is done by Picnic - we record all events from taps to tap locations (i.e if an in-unit button is pressed or which frame a click happens) viewability and video metrics. We can also record custom events dependent on your needs.

Q: Most common 3rd Party Tracking implemented on Picnic units?

A: Picnic works with all 3rd party tracking providers and have never had an issues to date.

Q: Are there any restrictions with 3rd party tracking; discrepancies, Monitoring, Blocking, etc...?

A: Direct Sold/via GAM:

No Picnic format has had any significant discrepancies to date.

A: Programmatic:

Industry standard discrepancies apply (10%), depending on DSP. Picnic utilises tier 1 ad serving technology to manage discrepancies to be as low as possible compared to industry standard.

Q: How will I receive reporting?

A: Daily/Weekly reporting will be automatically setup - All reporting metrics will be stated in campaign setup. This will be available on a self-service basis in a dedicated Dropbox folder.

A: A Publisher Console will be built into Picnic's Studio platform with reporting & billing. Until that's finalised, Picnic will be able to setup Daily/Weekly reports (via AdServer) for tracking performance/delivery - and monthly invoicing for billing.

Q: Where can I find more information on Ad Specs & Creative Guidelines?
Q: How will I know what Monthly Avails look like for Picnic Formats?

A: Most publishers have been able to forecast avails via their existing MPU on their AMP pages. As our unit's compete within the same ad placement.

Q: Any other issues to note with running Picnic formats in AMP?

A: Potential issues have arisen with viewability in the past, with different ways particular vendors track it. Active View have been the most efficient partner to work with in measuring viewability.

Q: Trafficking Tags: Directly
Q: Trafficking Tags: Programmatically

A: Traffic Tag how you would usually traffic a tag in your particular DSP. (As this varies from DSP to DSP, we're unable to provide a step-by-step guide)

Q: Why are Picnic formats ran as Standard HTML rather than AMPHTML?

A: Picnic's formats have been built from the ground up, specifically for AMP, however they're not built in AMPHTML for two main reasons:

  • Supported AMPHTML components within DV360 don't allow lots of the features that our formats contain (all the Stories interactions, Videos in Posts etc.)
  • When doing trials with AMPHTML ads, we've found huge discrepancies and problems with third party measurement and verification technology, which often are not AMPHTML compatible - we wanted to ensure all these 3rd parties work with our formats, which they do.