Design Requirements

Unit Size

  • 320x480
  • <1mb
  • Picnic will compress assets to ensure unit is under max file size

Total Story Length

  • <30 seconds

Header Bar

  • The design of this is fixed
  • Please provide Picnic with the logo and brand name to be included in the header

Progress Bars

  • Do not add progress bars to your assets, Picnic's formats will automatically add these in

Tap Out Button

Brand Guidelines

  • Please provide Picnic with any required brand colours and fonts

Test Tag

<script language="javascript" src=""></script>


<a href=";C=0" target="_blank">

<img src=";srctype=4;ord=[timestamp]" border="0" width="320" height="480" alt=""/>



Story Variants

Static Story



Asset Dimensions

  • 320x440 (8:11 or 4:5), exported as double resolution (640x880) for higher quality imagery


  • Stories can contain standard display banner animations
  • All animations are built in AMP-HTML, so please check with Picnic regarding the feasibility of your designs
  • All animation designs must be provided in PSD format

Video Story


  • MP4

Asset Dimensions

  • 8:11 to fit frame canvas
  • 1:1 or 4:5 with letterboxing

Video Sound

  • All videos autoplay without sound by default, with the option for users to turn on sound using this icon
  • image

Shoppable Story


  • As per static/video

Shoppable Hotspots

  • A Story can contain up to 2 shoppable hotspots per frame, which click out to individual product URLs
  • For each hotspot, please provide Picnic with:
    • Copy (e.g. Product Name)
    • Price (optional)
    • Corresponding URL
  • Shoppable hotspot design is customisable. Please contact your Account Manager to discuss.
  • Example:
  • image

Reactions Story


  • As per static/video stories

Reaction Emojis

  • A story can contain one reactions bar, containing 4-5 emojis
  • Please provide Picnic with the desired emojis (relevant to brand or product). Do not add the Reaction bar to assets.
  • Example:


Additional Socially Inspired Features

Emoji Slider

  • A Story can contain one emoji slider per frame, containing a caption and an emoji
  • Please provide Picnic with
    • The caption copy (if required)
    • The emoji
    • Example:



  • A Story can contain one poll per frame
  • Please provide Picnic with copy for the two poll options
  • Example:


Hashtags, Locations and Mentions

  • A Story can contain any additional social media inspired features such as hashtags, mentions and location tags.
  • Please provided Picnic with the copy for each relevant feature
  • Example: