AMP Format Integration

AMP Format Integration

This document describes how to set up your AMP pages to be able to deliver Picnic's formats. Picnic's formats deliver as a 320x480 standard HTML creatives and the only requirement is you must have an ad unit which supports these sizes. This guide shows one way of making your ad units compatible however you might have other methods which better suit your stack.

Example Creative Tags

320x480 Tag:

This is an example Picnic Stories creative (320x480). Traffic via our ad server to confirm your pages have been set up correctly

<script language="javascript" src=""></script>


<a href=";C=0" target="_blank">

<img src=";srctype=4;ord=[timestamp]" border="0" width="320" height="480" alt=""/>



Ad Unit Set Up

AMP Set Up


  • Within DFP > Inventory > Ad Units, edit an existing ad unit.
  • For Sizes, select Fixed Size and enter 320x480 & 320x400* as well as any other ad sizes you choose.
  • *It is possible for the smaller, 320x400 creatives (Posts & Carousel) to serve out of a 320x480. Speak to your Picnic Account Manager for more detail.

    Example: Add 300x250 as a secondary size to ensure you maintain your existing MPU demand.
  • Enter all other settings as per your preferences, then click Save


  • Click Generate Tags
  • Select Tag Type > Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • Multi Size Validation > Uncheck (this allows you to have a secondary size e.g. 300x250 which is less than 2/3rds of primary size 320x480)
  • All other tag settings as per your existing standards
  • A tag will be generated
Example tag:
    <amp-ad width=320 height=480
data-loading-strategy=”prefer-viewability-over-views” This is an AMP property “which optimises for viewability without drastically impacting the impressions”.


  • Add or replace the generated tag to the HTML code for your site

Deal Activation

Picnic's revenue is split 50/50 via our Managed Service Business vs Self-Service (Programmatic) with our Agencies. Managed Service revenue runs via DV360. Self-Service via Xandr Curate.

Key Information:

DV360 Seat Name: Picnic Media - MightHive - DV360 - UK Seat ID: 1498031
Xandr Curation Seat Name: Picnic Media Seat ID: 12101
  • Targeting: this should only target the AMP placement containing the 320x480 & 320x400 sizes. 
IMPORTANT  DV360: The 320x480 & 320x400 sizes needs to be explicitly added to the Ad Manager Line Item and AdX Deal. Xandr Curate: The 320x480 & 320x400 sizes need to be explicitly added to Prebid and to be available via Xandr SSP on AMP.